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Bimeda-Mogivet attends FEICORTE Circuit NFT 2012

Representing the Bimeda-Mogivet: José Mauro Bertolini, Commercial Manager, Jarbas Monteiro, Sales Representative and Mayara Marini, Marketing Coordinator. Representing the Bimeda-Mogivet: José Mauro Bertolini, Commercial Manager, Jarbas Monteiro, Sales Representative and Mayara Marini, Marketing Coordinator.

First Stage of Feicorte Circuit NFT 2012 in Cuiabá exceeds expectations and integrates the meat production chain

Pioneering project in the national livestock, Feicorte Circuit NFT 2012 held its first stage in Cuiabá (MT) on days 7 and 8 March, with highly positive results and exceeded expectations of the participants, sponsors and organizers. In two days of intense activity, the event received 1,243 professionals involved in the meat production chain, of which 88% are producers who representing 11 million heads in the State of Mato Grosso, owner of the largest cattle herd in Brazil. It is worth noting also that these professionals visited the event, 687 attended the program of lectures and workshops.

In this event was held the Mogimec 3.5% launch, the injectable solution of ivermectin 3.5% of Bimeda-Mogivet. It was a great opportunity for farmers get to know the product up close! The Mogimec 3.5% comes to complete the Mogimec line, which already had the ivermectin 1%, a product with recognized quality. Many customers at the event praised the product's presentation, as well as the packaging and launch campaign and there are great expectations for field use. Throughout the Feicorte Circuit will be promoted the Mogimec 3.5% Launch on Bimeda-Mogivet exhibit.

Held by Feicorte (largest indoor event of the beef production chain in the world and the main showcase of the sector), in partnership with NFT Alliance (an alliance of agribusiness marketing cooperative), the circuit was created under the trade show format, integrating talks with the proposal to bring knowledge and information to the producer and foster the relationship and business between companies and industry professionals. Cuiabá stage had the partnership of ACRIMAT (Breeders Association of Mato Grosso) and support the Sedraf (Department of Agriculture Rural Development and Family Mato Grosso).

The Agrocentro manager (who organizes Feicorte), Carla Tuccilio, highlighted the positive receptivity of the event by professionals of Mato Grosso State. "We had an excellent response from the producers of Mato Grosso. The decision to open the circuit in Cuiabá, for the importance that the agribusiness represents for the state's economy, was very wise. The partnership with ACRIMAT and the support of Sedraf were also the key to the success of the event”.

Besides the positive numbers, which also drew the attention of the organizers was the engagement of the participants, both in talks and in interaction with exhibitors. "The auditorium remained packed all the time of presentation with massive participation of professionals and heated discussions over two hours on the main issues involving the national livestock. And during the breaks, there was a strong integration between farmers, producers and entrepreneurs in the lounges of the exhibitors. We made a knowledge network in these two days”, said Carla Tuccilio.

The talks had themes of high relevance for the market and domestic production of beef. Technology, Efficiency, Planning, Management, Marketing and Quality were discussed. In the commercial area, about 30 companies were able to submit your news and share information directly with the farmers.

Integrating programming Feicorte Circuit NFT 2012 - Cuiabá stage, it was also held the 1st Feicorte Circuit Auction. The event, organized by the Auctions Program, had the offer of more than 4,000 animals for breeding, rearing and fattening and was broadcast live by Channel Rural.

Salvador receives the next stage: Feicorte Circuit NFT 2012 goes to Salvador (BA) on March 21st and 22nd, Goiânia (GO), on April 18th and 19th, and Campo Grande (MS), on May 22nd and 23rd, closing their doors in Feicorte at São Paulo from 11th to 15th June.